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About Us

The Water Cooperative of Central Florida (Water Coop) was created by an inter-local agreement between the City of St. Cloud, Toho Water Authority, Orange County and Polk County in 2011. Reedy Creek Improvement District (RCID) is a partner of the Water Coop but not a member. The Water Coop is authorized to implement water projects with member governments and nonmember governments with whom the Cooperative may enter into agreements.


The growth of population and commerce throughout central Florida require an effective regional approach to conservation, use, delivery and provision of potable and non-potable water systems, the protection of the environment and the efficient, innovative and cooperative use of valuable water resources.


The Water Coop demonstrates an appreciation of the planning requirements and the beneficial use policy of Chapters 163 and 373, Florida Statutes, which mandate that local governments and water management districts coordinate their plans for future growth with available resources, funding constraints and thoughtful delivery of infrastructure.

The Facilities Report for the Water Coop is available here.

The fiscal year for the Water Coop runs from October 1 - September 30.

Budgets and Amendments
Annual Audit Reports
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